Ship image for Aye Pirates the game by @happyconcepts


F2P Real-time Strategy Game
for Windows/Linux/Mac by HappyConcepts

Download Aye Pirates

Real-time Strategy Game for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Game Features

  • Free
  • Ship-focused gameplay
  • Single player vs. computer
  • Multiplayer Online or LAN
  • Fresh maps!
  • Three Game types: Treasures, To the Death, and Conquest
  • Save Game Replays
  • Over 25 MB of original music
  • Some historical accuracy about pirates
  • Open Source Game Software
  • No Johnny Depp (sadly) but this is an original game with an original story and original music by Ben (POTC still is a great franchise)

Aye Pirates requires the Alpha 23b version of 0 A.D. a real time strategy game which you can download for free from for Apple Mac and Windows. Linux users will find links to repositories at the same download link.

How to Install The Best Pirate Game Ever

3 easy steps to start playing Aye Pirates for free:

But first ask your self what if AOE and Starcraft had a baby named Bread Pirate Roberts? Would it be this game?!

Install 0 A.D.

Get the free 0 A.D. game engine from Wildfire Games. Make sure you install version 23!

Install Aye Pirates

Get the Aye Pirates game mod. Unzip it to the /mods/ folder of your 0 A.D. installation.

Enable Aye Pirates Mod

Start 0 A.D. and go to Settings > Mod Selection to enable the mod

Are you ready to embark on this perilous adventure, mate?

Taking the ship from astern

Some Background on Braugh

Braugh Roberts was known as "bread" to his friends because unlike most men at the time he had a sourdough recipe from his mother that made ship's tack by comparison taste like dried pigeon poop.

Too many traumas in young Bread's early life may have sealed his fate, for he took up piracy out of Nassau soon after his 22nd birthday. The tales of Bread Pirate Roberts have been told and re-told for hundreds of years and no doubt shall continue to be told for a hundred more. Yes a good, hearty sourdough recipe is not worth leaving behind!

Join the crew

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Your feedback is also welcome at the Aye Pirates Post over at the Wildfire Games message boards.