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Aye Pirates v 0.95

88 MB (88 Mb)

zip file hash (MD5): 0d868111566600370529dfd1f8083488

If you want instructions for installing and starting the mod click here.

Past Versions

Note: both compressed files are the same; .pyromod is a file compression format used by 0 A.D. but the .zip format works fine too.


Aye Pirates v 0.92

87 MB (87 Mb)

zip file hash (MD5): cb5b74ce52a406a211ed5c2d9c75263d


Aye Pirates v 0.92

65.4 MB
ayepirates_0.92.pyromod (65 MB)

pyromod file hash (MD5): 6e657d7969764baed846c8000afd9caa

ayepirates_0.9.pyromod May 2020 (199 Mb)
MD5 hash: e2322eb140dcf6e36a0f88507e86c118

Check the hash of your downloaded file on windows with certutil at the command line

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