Aye Pirates representation of game play

Ye Game Manual

Stats and descriptions for units and structures including ships are as current as possible..

Welcome to Aye Pirates matey! Here ye will find statistics, abilities, and upgrades for the various units, buildings, and ships in the game.

Game Mechanics

For the most part the game mechanics of Aye Pirates are those same mechanics found in the vanilla Alpha 23 b version of 0 A.D. But there are some notable differences.

The Gameplay page shows some of the differences that affect competitive game play. The overall goal of Aye Pirates is to offer a balanced game supporting multiple strategic options known as "builds".

Real Time Strategy

The realtime strategy genre goes all the way back to pioneering game titles like Command & Conquer and Warcraft. By the end of the 90's StarCraft had become particularly popular in Asian gaming leagues.

Wikipedia is more definitive about the history of realtime strategy games than we can be so go check them out to learn more.

From the Creator

Aye Pirates is an original RTS game concept blending the game style of Starcraft with the Champion play of League of Legends. Note that Aye Pirates is in no way affiliated or related to either of these A tier gaming titles. But in our search to develop a balanced game it just turned out this way.

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