Aye Pirates Game Play

Balanced RTS Game Play

Version 0.92

Released September 21, 2020


Ships support population growth just like houses.

Trading can be an effective way to gather resources to build your crew. Or pirating others' ship routes might be more to your taste.


You just may want to load up your ships with as many cannon as they will carry. Blackbeard supposedly mounted over 36 guns on his flagship Queen Anne's Revenge.


All heroes can be quite captivating, which applies if you choose to play 'Regicide' for example in the Game Setup options.

Plants and Animals

You can gather food from whales but it is difficult with just a small fishing boat. Use a sloop at least.


Research the speed upgrades at the dock so your merchants make bank faster and your pirates chase faster.

Game Types

If you choose Capture the Relic in the game setup menu then up to five treasures will be randomly hidden on the map. To win the game you must find and control all of the relics for a chosen amount of time such as 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

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