Vessels of Aye Pirates


Ships play a fundamental role in Aye Pirates, from transporting you and your crew around the map to engaging in cannon battle with enemy ships.

We try to keep this page as up to date as possible. Aye Pirates is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) so it's under constant development these days, with more features planned. If you see an error please let us know about it so we can correct it!

Version 0.92

Released September 21, 2020

Fishing Boat

Easy to fish with, tough to catch whales with. Fishsticks


Up to 8 cannon for armament, yet can carry up to 14.

Merchant Ship

Capable of loading goods and men and even cannon. More cargo space than a sloop.


The Spanish galleons were built to haul treasure across the Atlantic back to Spain.


These fast interceptors are fierce enemies on the sea

Ship Mechanics

Each ship has a turn rate that affects how quickly you can change heading.

Each ship has a vision range that affects how far away you can see your enemies.

Ship speed is different for different classes of vessels.

Cannon capacity limits the number of cannon you can load on a ship.

Unlike 0 A.D. the ships in Aye Pirates do not physically block each other. Actually each time you issue a new command to your ship, there is a slight delay as your crew changes course to the new heading. This can make a difference when you attempt to evade a faster ship and every second counts!

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